Dancing Crap interview

When it comes to Italy, it is enough to mention Le Orme, Premiata Forneria Marconi, Matia Bazar and several other legendary names that have marked the world music history. With their heritage, in his indie / punk style, Dancing Crap relentlessly walking paths towards global recognition.


1. Tell me something about the beginnings of the band? How did your story start?

It started in September 2008 when I (Ronnie Abeille – singer/composer, nice to meet you!) formed
THE.MAIN.ATTRACTION, a band recording its first album “In Spite of All”, released by the German label
Antstreet. After a few line-up changes, just before a tour that was to carry us in Germany, I stopped the project.
In April 2012 I met Bobby Gaz (bass) and finally decided to continue the adventure with new components and a new moniker: Dancing Crap.

2. Where did you get the idea for the name Dancing Crap?

I love movies, my favourite one is Fight Club. Do you know when Tyler Durden says: “You’re not your job.
You’re not how much money you have in the bank. You’re not the car you drive. You’re not the contents of your wallet.
You’re not your fucking khakis. You’re the all-singing, all-DANCING CRAP of the world”? Well…
You can also find some references on our debut’s cover.
Three years ago, when we lived in London, I met an old punk on a bus and we started talkin’ about ’77 english punk scene.
I told him I was there to play some gigs with my band and he asked me the name of the band.
When I answered the name was Dancing Crap, he replied how that name was cheeky and similar to the name Sex Pistols!
He explained me that in both names there were references to sex (SEX, DANCING) and excrements (PISStols, CRAP)!!!
It was so true!!! Ah ah!!!

3. How would you describe your music and who were the musical idols and guidelines which influenced your musical opus?

We play sexy sonic alternative iron punk, but it’s ironic! I grew up listening to George Michael, Madonna, Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Queen, Guns’n’Roses.
Later on I also discovered Girls VS Boys, Hanoi Rocks, Sex Pistols, Alice In Chains, Wildhearts, Stooges, Warrior Soul, Korn and N.I.N..
The other guys listen to thrash and death metal, Bauhaus, Dead Kennedys, Queens Of The Stone Age, System Of A Down.
The funny thing it’s not about our own influences, it’s about which kind of influences people find listening to our debut!
Some reviewers wrote Ozzy, Frank Sinatra, Prodigy, Waltari, Faith No More, T-Ride an Jane’s Addiction!

4. How did your relationship with the publisher Agoge Records start?

The boss, Gianmarco Bellumori, heard a demo version of The Sick Ones. He went crazy!

5. What’s the today’s rock/alternative scene like in Italy? What’s it like for young bands trying to find their spot in the sun?

Man I don’t really know. I just can tell you Italy is not the right place for a rock band.
Italy loves melodic pop stuff, not our kind of business.

6. What was the process of recording “Cut It Out” like?

We recorded at Wolfrecordings Studios in San Cesareo from October 2014 to July 2015.
Our producer Gianmarco Bellumori did a great job. He focused his skills on
vocal melodies and worked on the right way to keep the songs powerful and danceable at the same time.
The process took a long period due to line up changes.

dancing_crap 1

7. Are you happy with the reception “Cut It Out” received and what were the general reactions about the album?

Totally happy and satisfied! We had 100% of good reviews!

8. You have played in Croatia two times for now. What are your impressions about Croatia and the audience here?

Good audience, nice people… we had a lot of fun there! Bjelovar was top!

9. Do you plan on coming to Croatia again?

Maybe in the future, why not?

10. What do you expect from your musical work in the future? Do you already have some ideas and guidelines for your next album?

You bet! I hope we’ll start recording in January 2017. The new album will go a step further.
Bobby Gaz shared the load of composing: swinging stuff, electronic beats, balkan jingles, high octane r’n’r tunes and so on!

11. I’ve noticed your lyrics are socially and psychologically oriented, especially in songs “Spotlight”
and “Sociopathic Circus”, which are my favorite songs from the album.
Could you tell us more about your lyrical concept and the general idea which guides the band?

You get it man, sure you get it! I wanna thank you for that!
I tell you this: I like talkin’ about people and their sick habits, mockin’ society and his shit you know.
One of my favourite lyricist is Kory Clake from Warrior Soul. I deeply love the way he criticizes
society. The general idea which guides the band? It’s about freeing yourself from the chains of modern life.
We don’t do what everybody else does. I hope you can feel that in our music.


12. What was your favorite country to play live in and where did you feel “like home”?

Everywhere people enjoy our music!

13. Your general opinion about the music scene today?

Business is leading the rock scene to his grave. But we keep on playin’ all the way!

14. Do you have plans for markets outside Europe (America, Japan etc.) and could you say something more about your plans for the future?

Yes, but I won’t tell you more…

15. Any message for the readers of Vision Rock Metal?

Hey guys! Go ahed, take care and don’t stop believin’! We love you all!

Dalibor Mladenović and Jan Sohr

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